Even though the new Omega Seamaster 300 master co-axial titanium watches have stayed in the limelight recently, the OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M watch with navy blue dial is still considered as the most distinguished diving watches no matter in Omega house or the watch industry. And even though the Seamaster Diver 300M is prestige due to its extraordinary performance, it is not strange to find that there is quite a large group of watch buyers flock to this masterpiece due to its amazing design. If you are also the one who is obsessive with blue, this item would not disappoint you. And it seems that even its replica models are charming pieces.
As expected, the subtle and distinguished design of the original model is fully reappeared in the replicas. These replica Omega Seamaster watches are not as rugged as other diving watches. The stainless steel cases measuring 41mm are fixed to these models. The size sounds rather moderately. And the time-honored steel case and bracelet just give these replica Omega Seamaster watches a firm enough body. And the different bracelets on these watches are worth mentioning. Alternating polished and brushed bands just give the bracelet a sober yet sophisticated appeal. And the ceramic dive bezel mounting on the case is highlighted with super luminescent markers and numerals. The dial is where harmonize with the bezel. The navy blue color of the dial just clearly shows its diving style. And the simple but highly visible hour markers further make it a remarkable timer in dark and underwater. In these replica Omega Seamaster watches, time is indicated through three central hands. The second hand is added with a red tiptop while the hour and minute hands are skeletonized with an exclussive look. The deep blue laquered dials that will change color a bit depending on the angle you’re viewing is definitely what further turn these replica Omega watches to be standout dressing accessories.

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The word “cute” is seldom used to describe Omega watches. But this year, Omega just released a really cute Speedmaster watch, the Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Limited Edition Watch. This unveiling of this watch is surprising and also reasonable. A incredibly lovely touch is added to this new piece due to the Snoopys on the dial and caseback. The reason why Snoopy would become an element of this Speedmaster is that Omega onced received the Silver Snoopy Award given by NASA. Omega created this Speedmaster watch with the purpose of commemorate the 45th anniversary of Apollo 13 and its important role in the moon landing mission. Undoubtedly, this special edition watch is not just a new design or wristwatch, but a landmark item in Omega house and a worth collecting piece to watch lovers. It is no wonder that replica Speedmaster Snoopy Award watches are in good demand.
Compared to other replica Omega Speedmaster watches, replica Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award watches look more exotic and neoteric owing to several innovative details. Even these new pieces keep the iconic Speedmaster traits, including the three-counter dial and tachymeter bezel, the different fusion of colors brings totally fresh appearance. Dials and bezels of these replica Omega watches take the never-wrong black-and-white combination. The white dial keeps excellent visibility thanks to the high-contrast black indices. And these replica Omega watches instead of coloring three sub-dials to make them much more conspicuous, just keep them look as plain as the main dial. The small second counter with a sleeping Snoopy is definitely catching. Such a cute element just makes the chic dial looks like something hand drawn. Also, the caseback feature another snoopy in sterling silver. And what further individualizes these replica Speedmaster watches is the highlighted 14-second scale with the sentence “what could you do in 14 seconds?”. And the black bezel engraved with white tachymeter scale is high-contrast to the white dial. Finally, the black nylon straps complete the chicly sportive appearance of these replica Omega watches.

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Let’s take a look at this replica patek philippe Chronograph watch, whose additional second-time-zone function works just like the one its Aquanaut Travel Time.


On the dial, we see the chronograph register at 6 o’clock, and similar to that on the Aquanaut Travel Time, it features a pointer-date, now positioned on the upper part of the dial. The date indication is connected to the local time, which is your travel destination. When traveling, it can be adjusted both forward and backward, to follow the date of the time zone where you are. To the left and right on the dial are two small apertures, which indicate day and night in both the local time zone and the home time zone. The chronograph pushers – to start, stop and reset to zero – are located on the right-hand side of the case. Unlike other chronograph watches, thisreplica patek philippe has just one 60-minute counter which is its own feature. While you won’t be able to measure how long that intercontinental flight took anymore, the new subdial is cleaner and easier to read. And with the additional pointer-date register, that’s a good thing.

When we saw the first images, we “feared” the watch would be too thick and too busy on the dial. After trying it on the wrist, we’re convinced that our fears were groundless. Moreover, the replica patek philippe has an additional module for the two time zones, again, the same module used in the Aquanaut Travel Time. We believe that this is exactly the type of watch that many of Patek’s customers, with their daily business-travel life, are looking for.

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Rolex is the first to successfully patent and incorporate a helium valve, which was placed on the Sea-Dweller to keep the crystal from popping off during the rise to the surface. It developing watches to help divers conquer the depths of the sea for many years already.


Faithful to the original aesthetics at 40mm and with a matte dial, helium valve and back to a non-magnified date at 3 o’clock, the rolex sea dweller replica gets the benefit of all the technical refinements Rolex has made over the years. It now has a scratch resistant ceramic bezel with Cerachrom inserts, Chromalight on the hands and hour indexes along with thicker case lugs, which give the watch a slightly larger look but it really is 40mm. And, of course, the iconic Oyster bracelet with the advanced Glidelock extension and fliplock extension link-with the original completely satin finish unlike the polished middle link of the previous iteration. Both case and bracelet are constructed from the toughest and highest-grade steel. The rolex sea dweller replica is water resistant that no fear in getting it wet topside or underwater at any possible depth. Inside ticks the in-house automatic movement will keep you alive exploring underwater in a wetsui. A screw down crown with fluting and an internal gasket ensure the mechanics stay dry.

Though first devised as a tool watch for diving, the rolex sea dweller replica is such a handsome and practical watch that it has become an all-around player that can transition from sport to more formal occasions when required. It even looks snazzy on women who are more progressive in their dress and enjoy a larger than traditional feminine sized watch and appreciate mechanics.

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Which watch is the most refined sports watch you have seen? To me, it is the Patek Philippe Nautilus. It is said that Nautilus is the most surprising collection in Patek Philippe house. Undoubtedly, to a brand which is known for creating stunning vintage-inspired watches, the fresh Nautilus design is rather rule-breaking. But it seems that these uncommon models with irregular case shape have been well accepted and become the classic today. Patek Philippe never stops impressing us by enriching its collections. And Nautilus is not an exception. This time, what has been added into this collection is the full rose gold piece with chocolate dial. After creating the complicated versions with two-time-zone, moonphase and chronograph functions, Patek Philippe brings back the basic but timeless design this time. And the new color scheme also adds a fresh touch even though the emblematic silhouette of Nautilus is kept. However, not only the official watch, its replica items also make a stir in the market.

Giving a stunning imitation of the original watch is what we expect for replica Patek Philippe Nautilus watches to bring. And without disappointing us, these replica Patek Philippe watches successfully reappear the “Nautilus charm”. A balance between boldness and restrained elegance is fully interpreted by these replica Patek Philippe watches. As what has been expected, the case shape which looks like a octagon and the minimalist dial with horizontal lines give these replica Patek Philippe watches a standout look. Even though they are rather simple models, these replica Nautilus watches do not forget to emphasize the subtle details. The brushed bezel with a highly polished bezel edge and the brushed tapered bracelet with polished central parts unassumingly decorate the watch. What’s more, the classic appeal of these replica Patek Philippe watches is boosted thanks to the amazing matching of the chocolate brown dials and rose gold cases. Simple hour markers, hands and date window on the dial just give indication in a straightforward way.

Panerai Replica Watches

It is acknowledged that almost all top-notch wrist watches originate from Swizerland. Both the craftsmanship and brand history of Swiss watches are too top for the timepieces made in the other countries to catch up with. However, there is always one exception. Panerai, 100 percent made in Italy, is this exception. In fact, depending on the exquisite craftsmanship and distinct style, Panerai has been the watches for the majority of watch fans to scramble for. Recently, replica Panerai watches become the stars in the watch market. Of course, you need to get to know about them.

Simplicity is the most exact word to decribe these replica Panerai watches. But it is such simplicity that wins watch fans’ hearts. In 1993, Panerai turned from military use to daily use. Its large dial and tough style swept aross the world in no time. Obviously, replica Panerai watches enjoy all these features. From Radiomir to Luminor, replica Panerai watches have kept on showing you their simple style. The black, brown and blue dials are the distinct colors of Panerai. Since Panerai was designed exclusively for the Italian Navy, waterproofness is one of the greatest features. The rotatable bezel becomes the safety device for noticing the dive time. From replica Panerai watches, you can actually discover this useful device. In addition, reading time under the water is also important. The dials of replica Panerai watches are coated with luminiscence so that they will clearly show the time in dark environment. On the other hand, the water pressure is also a factor needed to be considered. So the sapphire crystal watch glass reassures the wearer. The thick sapphire crystal is good at resist the water pressure while the wearer dives. No matter from what aspects, replica Panerai watches should be the most ideal timepieces.

Get to know more about these amazing replica Panerai watches and see what wonders they will create in watch kingdom.

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It seems that IWC has focused on interpreting artistic aesthetics these years. After the pretty IWC Portofino Ladies watches that IWC unveiled last year, the new IWC Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37 Edition “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation” watch has been introduced these days. If you have seen the new watch, you would find that it is a rather familiar design as it looks similarly with the IWC Portofino Automatic Moon Phase. However, what makes the new item even more fascinating is the amazing blue hue. Both the dial and strap are covered with the blue color which adds a versatile, different and noble touch. Definitely, such an exquisite design may meet your expectation for a both dressy and timing accessory. And without disappointing watch buyers and fashionistas, replica IWC Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37 Edition “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation” watches are not absent this time.
Replica IWC Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37 Edition “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation” watches fully show IWC Portofino’s artistic elegance and classic aesthetics through the 37mm-wide rounded steel case and a vintage-inspired crown as well as the graceful leaf-shaped hands. These IWC replica watches come with a rather easy but utmost subtle design. The polished case, hands and hour markers work perfect with the blued lustrous dial and alligator leather strap. Similar with the previous design, these IWC replica watches add the moon phase indication proportionally at 12 o’clock position. And time is displayed through three central hands in the basic way. Well, besides the sparkling stars and moon, the dial is further decorated with some shiny details. Polished dots serve as minute markers while brilliant-cut diamonds serve as hour markers at the flange of the dial. What’s more, the uniquely engraved caseback is what further makes these IWC replica watches distinctive. The caseback is engraved with painting selected from a painting competition for children and adolescents.

Submariner and Datejust must be the two most emblematic designs in Rolex house. The Submariner is well-known due to the masculine and steady look while the Datejust is popular thanks to the modestly elegant style. It is hard to find a design like Datejust which continues dominating the dress watch market for decades. It is not surprising that both discerning watch collectors and fresh watch buyers all show special affection for Rolex Datejust watches. As a collection that gives a full indication of the brand’s watchmaking tradition, Datejust is definitely collectible. However, in design, the basic and restrained style is what would not be easily replaced due to the passage of time. Hence, for watch buyers who need items which can stand the test of both time and fashion, Rolex Datejust watches are undoubtedly the right choice. As a result, replica Rolex Datejust watches are also active in the market.
Replica Rolex Datejust II watches become most watch buyers’ ideal options as these watches, compared to their predecessors, come with a more contemporary look. Different from the 36mm-wide cases in the previous Datejust watches, the 40mm ones appear in these upgraded Datejust II replica watches. Also, the upgraded design offers more color options. Items with dark blue dials are what captivate watch enthusiasts. Blue, now, has become a rather versatile color as black and white. This fresh yet noble color brings a perfectly contrast look to the Rolex replica watches when it goes with the steel cases. What’s more, the blued dial is impeccable with great readability thanks to the rather fat luminescent hour markers, polished hands and magnified date window. What’s more, the fluted polished bezel just adds a slightly exquisite sophistication to these simple Rolex replica watches. And the pretty yet durable steel bracelet finished with polished and brushed links further brings these Rolex replica watches a sober elegant touch.

Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster and Breitling Superocean are definitely the most mentioned names when it comes to professional diving watches. Even though watches under these collections are internationally known for the amazing technical prowess, they are undoubtedly popular dressing accessories today. If you consider that Breitling only creates rather complicated tool watches, you would be especially surprised at its Superocean models. The Breitling Superocean Heritage should be the most minimalist design in Breitling house. As most watch buyers have been accustomed to the busy and full dial design in Breitling Navitimer watches, the rather simple dials in Superocean Heritage watches become rare and fresh things. Without disappointing audiences, Breitling did well also in interpreting the minimalist style. And replica Breitling Superocean watches also become the well accepted pieces as the mainstream easy design is more likely to pander to tastes of the public compared to the complicated one.
Without the brand logo and signature, Breitling Superocean replica watches look unlikely what Breitling created. These Breitling Superocean replica watches come with a particularly classic look. The stainless steel cases in the width of 42 mm give these Breitling Superocean replica watches a modest and decent feel. The case is mounted with the deep blue bezel with highly contrast indications. What’s more, there are tiny screws around the edge of the bezel. Such a detailed design together with the vintage-inspired crown just makes these Breitling Superocean replica watches look like models in 1950′s. To further emphasize the navy style and harmonize the bezel, the dial is also blued amazingly. Polished hour markers and hands are undoubtely legible on the dial. Lumed hands and small dots behide hour markers allow these Breitling Superocean replica watches to be also readable in dark. And for watch buyers who are obsessive with blue color, these watches would be stunners as they come with leather straps in blue hue. And the striking white stitches further decorate the strap.

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Hublot Big Bang should be a heavyweight collection to be mentioned when it comes new & modern wristwatches. Just as the name “Big Bang” indicates, the collection deeply hit the world when it was introduced. It seems that Hublot Big Bang watches are more likely to please watch buyers who love avant garde style or some others who adore technical complication. But actually, these watches would also not disappoint men who are sensitive to details. Hublot Big Bang 301.SM.1770.RX is a model to show that Hublot never skimp on detailed embellishment. Even though this Big Bang watch comes with a 44 mm case which follows the iconic Hublot silhouette, the novel details on the dial and case successfully give the watch a refreshing look. And replica Hublot Big Bang 301.SM.1770.RX watches are undeniably trendy accessories as the charismatic style of the original piece has been completely shown in these swiss replica watches.
Replica Hublot Big Bang 301.SM.1770.RX watches come with rather complicated cases. The reason why I consider these cases are complicated is that they are finished by combining steel with rubber and ceramic. The innovative charm has been fully shwon in the cases of these replica Hublot Big Bang watches. Well, what further make these replica Hublot Big Bang watches particularly neoteric and exclusive is the woven carbon fibre dial design. In these replica Hublot Big Bang watches, neither the easy readability nor the chic dressy style is lost. Polished hands, numerals and hour markers are what offer the dark dial a contrast look. Moreover, arrestive white and red indexes further decorate the dial. Three sub dials leave the dial a perfect proportion and give correct expression of the brand’s sportive style. However, the dial is not the only part to show the brand’s utmost pursuit for refined detail. Heavy knurling on the bezel edge and exposed screws further tells that. The diamond tread-like pattern on the rubber strap is also a proof of that. Without any doubt, if you need something catchy to show your fashion sense, these replica Hublot Big Bang watches are stunning choices.