The word “cute” is seldom used to describe Omega watches. But this year, Omega just released a really cute Speedmaster watch, the Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Limited Edition Watch. This unveiling of this watch is surprising and also reasonable. A incredibly lovely touch is added to this new piece due to the Snoopys on the dial and caseback. The reason why Snoopy would become an element of this Speedmaster is that Omega onced received the Silver Snoopy Award given by NASA. Omega created this Speedmaster watch with the purpose of commemorate the 45th anniversary of Apollo 13 and its important role in the moon landing mission. Undoubtedly, this special edition watch is not just a new design or wristwatch, but a landmark item in Omega house and a worth collecting piece to watch lovers. It is no wonder that replica Speedmaster Snoopy Award watches are in good demand.
Compared to other replica Omega Speedmaster watches, replica Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award watches look more exotic and neoteric owing to several innovative details. Even these new pieces keep the iconic Speedmaster traits, including the three-counter dial and tachymeter bezel, the different fusion of colors brings totally fresh appearance. Dials and bezels of these replica Omega watches take the never-wrong black-and-white combination. The white dial keeps excellent visibility thanks to the high-contrast black indices. And these replica Omega watches instead of coloring three sub-dials to make them much more conspicuous, just keep them look as plain as the main dial. The small second counter with a sleeping Snoopy is definitely catching. Such a cute element just makes the chic dial looks like something hand drawn. Also, the caseback feature another snoopy in sterling silver. And what further individualizes these replica Speedmaster watches is the highlighted 14-second scale with the sentence “what could you do in 14 seconds?”. And the black bezel engraved with white tachymeter scale is high-contrast to the white dial. Finally, the black nylon straps complete the chicly sportive appearance of these replica Omega watches.

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