Which watch is the most refined sports watch you have seen? To me, it is the Patek Philippe Nautilus. It is said that Nautilus is the most surprising collection in Patek Philippe house. Undoubtedly, to a brand which is known for creating stunning vintage-inspired watches, the fresh Nautilus design is rather rule-breaking. But it seems that these uncommon models with irregular case shape have been well accepted and become the classic today. Patek Philippe never stops impressing us by enriching its collections. And Nautilus is not an exception. This time, what has been added into this collection is the full rose gold piece with chocolate dial. After creating the complicated versions with two-time-zone, moonphase and chronograph functions, Patek Philippe brings back the basic but timeless design this time. And the new color scheme also adds a fresh touch even though the emblematic silhouette of Nautilus is kept. However, not only the official watch, its replica items also make a stir in the market.

Giving a stunning imitation of the original watch is what we expect for replica Patek Philippe Nautilus watches to bring. And without disappointing us, these replica Patek Philippe watches successfully reappear the “Nautilus charm”. A balance between boldness and restrained elegance is fully interpreted by these replica Patek Philippe watches. As what has been expected, the case shape which looks like a octagon and the minimalist dial with horizontal lines give these replica Patek Philippe watches a standout look. Even though they are rather simple models, these replica Nautilus watches do not forget to emphasize the subtle details. The brushed bezel with a highly polished bezel edge and the brushed tapered bracelet with polished central parts unassumingly decorate the watch. What’s more, the classic appeal of these replica Patek Philippe watches is boosted thanks to the amazing matching of the chocolate brown dials and rose gold cases. Simple hour markers, hands and date window on the dial just give indication in a straightforward way.

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