Submariner and Datejust must be the two most emblematic designs in Rolex house. The Submariner is well-known due to the masculine and steady look while the Datejust is popular thanks to the modestly elegant style. It is hard to find a design like Datejust which continues dominating the dress watch market for decades. It is not surprising that both discerning watch collectors and fresh watch buyers all show special affection for Rolex Datejust watches. As a collection that gives a full indication of the brand’s watchmaking tradition, Datejust is definitely collectible. However, in design, the basic and restrained style is what would not be easily replaced due to the passage of time. Hence, for watch buyers who need items which can stand the test of both time and fashion, Rolex Datejust watches are undoubtedly the right choice. As a result, replica Rolex Datejust watches are also active in the market.
Replica Rolex Datejust II watches become most watch buyers’ ideal options as these watches, compared to their predecessors, come with a more contemporary look. Different from the 36mm-wide cases in the previous Datejust watches, the 40mm ones appear in these upgraded Datejust II replica watches. Also, the upgraded design offers more color options. Items with dark blue dials are what captivate watch enthusiasts. Blue, now, has become a rather versatile color as black and white. This fresh yet noble color brings a perfectly contrast look to the Rolex replica watches when it goes with the steel cases. What’s more, the blued dial is impeccable with great readability thanks to the rather fat luminescent hour markers, polished hands and magnified date window. What’s more, the fluted polished bezel just adds a slightly exquisite sophistication to these simple Rolex replica watches. And the pretty yet durable steel bracelet finished with polished and brushed links further brings these Rolex replica watches a sober elegant touch.

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